We create national New Real Estate Licensee databases. Names and addresses are collected for every new person who has just passed their licensing exam/applied for the exam, email addresses and phone numbers are provided as well when provided.


Each record is verified for accuracy. Home phone numbers and email addresses are then added to the database by cross referencing each name with official phone company records. Using the County that you specify, every New Licensee name is pulled from the database and used to create your own personalized New Licensee list. Once your list is created, we package the data into a user-friendly format data file.


We provide services to brokers from Keller Williams, Re/Max, Century 21, Weichert Realtors, Engel & Volkers, Coldwell Banker and many more brokerages. Our lists start at only $28 per month for new licensees. If you are interested in recruiting more experienced agents, we offer packages of 12, 24 months and an all licensees package (entire county).


Lists types - 


New Licensees - Monthly/Bi-weekly/Weekly

A steady flow of enthusiastic people pre-sold on a real estate career and eager to find out what your company can offer. List contains the names, addresses, phone numbers, and even emails of every new agent.


Exam Applicants - Monthly/Bi-weekly/Weekly

Helps you get a jump on the competition by targeting persons who have just applied to take the state licensing exam. Using this list, you can reach them at this early stage when many are still uncommitted to a company and very responsive to interview opportunities.


New Licensees - Past 12 Months

This compiled lists let you jump-start your recruiting program with a whole year's worth of names immediately. You'll get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of every new agent in your area who received a license within the last 12 months. Many agents on this list are already trained, have had some success and are ready to blossom with your company.


New Licensees - Past 24 Months

Go back even further and double the amount of names... and recruiting opportunities!


All Licensees - Entire County

A subset of the complete database including all agents with email addresses, home address, phone, city, state, zip and county and license information.

There are no set-up fees and no cancelation fees.

LicenseeDataReport.com is the fast, easy and reliable way to find new agents for your company.

 LIST FREQUENCY -                          WEEKLY LIST                      BI-WEEKLY LIST                             MONTHLY LIST

Exam Applicants                                   $49 per mo.                              $39 per mo.                                   $28 per mo.

New Licensees                                       $49 per mo.                              $39 per mo.                                   $28 per mo.



Last 12 Months                                         $129 one-time

Last 24 Months                                        $189 one-time

All Licensees - Entire Count                   $329 one-time