We are designed for companies looking for a steady and reliable source of new agent information. We identify every newly licensed salesperson in the specific County you choose and give you all the information you need to contact them and set up interviews.

Simply put, Realty Data Resources, LLC makes recruiting new agents faster, easier and more productive than ever before. Realty Data Resources, LLC is the perfect choice for:


Brokers and Company Recruiters searching for a leg up on the competition.

Sales Managers striving to achieve their sales goals.

Mortgage and Title Companies looking for new business opportunities.

We create our national New Licensee database by accessing official government records in each state. 

Names and addresses are collected for every new person who has just passed their licensing exam. Each record is verified for accuracy and formatted according to USPS guidelines to assure maximum deliverability.

Home phone numbers and email addresses (when available) are then added to the database by cross referencing each name with official phone company records.Using the County that you specify, every New Licensee name is pulled from the database and used to create your own personalized New Licensee list.


Once your list is created, we package the data into several user-friendly format data file. 

All files are then emailed directly to your computer for your immediate use.

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